About Brooks Brothers

We combine our expertise with our client’s vision to bring their project dreams to life. Bringing skills, innovation, and technology from the world of painting directly to you.



We are the next generation of painting! As a company, we are here to:

DEFINE: Change the definition of the painting experience - we seek to blaze a new trail for our painters and customers. From residential to commercial projects; changing what the industry gives to the customers, one project at a time.

EDUCATE: Our goal is to bring the world of paint and technology to the front door of the client by providing transparent information as well as practices that teach our customer what is best for their project. We aim to not only provide quality work for each of our clients, but to also educate them.

INNOVATE: Create a new client experience infused with mobile technology to make consultations more informative and collaborative. We strive to give our clients a great experience paired with a great result!


Brooks Brothers Painting began right where household names begin, in the household. The name Brooks Brothers symbolizes two brothers with different strengths, combined to carry a great vision. We represent both sides of the painting spectrum. One brother represented the patience and skill of the eye required for design and architecture; while the other represented the passion and grit for the labor and engineering for the project’s timeline and execution. Both opposites, but the perfect formula to represent a painting company that would become a household name.

While one may have picked up a paintbrush, the other picked up a ruler. It’s about having a multi-dimensional approach for us. No client is the same and no project is the same. We approach each project with both spectrums to give our clients the best quality, best colors, best paint, and most importantly the best RESULT!




There are many reasons why clients choose Brooks Brothers Painting. Here are some to name a few:

PEOPLE: We put our clients first!

TEAM: Our staff is experienced, fully trained and knowledgeable in safety, application process, and customer relations.

PROCESS: We assign a dedicated Client Representative who will evaluate the specific needs of each individual customer to determine the best course of application and materials needed. This begins our three point quality process: initial inspection, curing stages, and final project overview & assessment.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We stand out from our competition by getting things done right the first time! We pay attention to detail to make sure that your project is overseen to a successful completion and are there with you every step of the way!

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our company values the social responsibility of our communities. Not only do we give back to various local and international charity projects, but each team member volunteers their time every quarter to a local charity. We make sure that Brooks Brothers Painting is present in our communities.